• Denomination: Chianti Classico
  • Main wines: Sangiovese, canaiolo, malvasia of the Chianti, Tuscan Trebbiano
  • Minimum proof: 11.5 degrees


  • Color: Lively ruby, turns burgundy with age
  • Bouquet: Intensly vinous, can express traces of purple violeta, becomes more refined with age
  • Flavour: harmonious, dry, pungent, lightly tannin, grows more refined with age


  • Temperature: 16-18° C
  • Serve with: (depending on the characteristics) white meat, grilled meat, red meat cooked for a long time

Chianti is the best known Italian wine in the world. It has been produced for centuries in the vineyard region of the same name, located between Florence and Siena. In this area Sangiovese vines express elegance and power, giving life and body to the Chianti Classico wine.
This area has been called "Chianti Classico" since 1716, by the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Cosimo III who, with the intent of protecting the name of the wine produced in this immense vineyard, marked the boundaries with public notices. Today the area of production Is much greater than the original area. It also included part of the provinces of Arezzo, Pisa and Pistoia; the typical area of production is subdivided into seven areas, more correctly called "geographical sub-specifications", which give rise to other important and good wines with subtle qualitative differences.
The success of the Chianti is tied to the name of Baron Bettino Ricasoli, a very prominent figure in the history of the Risorgimento in Italy. He wanted to make the Chianti a product of high quality and prestige. Ricasoli experimented with many different kinds     of      vine,     before     arriving     at     the

"sangiovese" grape, to which was added the "canaiolo", for its "kindness" and malvasia, which gives a richer flavour. Today the Chianti has adopted the same grapes, completing it with small parts of "trebbiano".
Chianti wine can be found in many variations: young and vivacious, well-suited to be served with meat on the barbecue, white meat and fish, or aged and austere, to be served with wild game.

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