Wedding in Florence
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Wedding in Florence: wedding planners in Florence

Wedding in Florence

The heart of the Renaissance, the home of the artistic genius, Michelangelo. Florence.
The beautiful, romantic, enchanting city, where your dream wedding can come true. This cultural center is filled with treasures: museums, historic sites, magnificent churches, famous art including the "David", incredible architecture, delicious food, fine shops. All these things and spectacular hotels, villas, and castles make Florence a perfect location for a perfect wedding in Tuscany. Our wedding planners are based in Florence.

The options are endless. Have your wedding in Florence! One of the best-preserved Renaissance cities in Europe, Florence delights its visitors with wonderful museums, restaurants, and shops. Fiesole, the original Roman city in the vicinity, is far uphill from the busy city and worth a trip for the views and fresh air. Fiesole, with its breathtaking ancient castles and villas, is perfect for your wedding ceremony and reception.

Florence has become a worldwide symbol of Italian art and above all, the Renaissance. Every where you turn in Florence, the pages of a magnificent past made of genial men, great humanitarian ideals, and extraordinary artistic and scientific sensibility, touch your soul. Artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangiolo Buonarroti and Brunelleschi gave the best of their talent to Florence. The fruit of their work can be admired today, walking in Piazza della Signoria, along the Ponte Vecchio or in Piazza del Duomo, along with the Uffizi Museum, considered the most ancient and prestigious museum in Europe. Take advantage of our special offers in Florence.
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Emotional and Stylish Weddings in Florence

Regency can arrange a civil wedding for you in a magnificent palace that dates back to the 11th Century... or a religious wedding in a famous, historical church in the center of Florence... or a legal, religious or non-denominational ceremony in a banquet room of a 5 star hotel, which was once the villa of a famous noble family ... or in a private historical palace located in the center of town or in a private garden villa with spectacular views.



We arranges Weddings in Florence: we want to introduce to you a possibility that we are proud to offer to our clients, it is a wedding ceremony with legal validity to be performed in a private location in Florence (therefore it could be held in the same place where you'll stay: in a secluded Florentine garden, in a terrace with a breathtaking view all over of Florence , in a charming hall of a reneissance palace...). The wedding will be legally binding and performed by an English speaking minister (so there's no need of an interpreter). You can decide to have it in the late afternoon so as to have then dinner, you can personalize it as much as you want. You will have privacy and a romantic experience! Please note that his is a true wedding, legally recognized, and not a simple blessing ceremony. For example there is a neo renaissance romantic villa, which today is a refined 5 star luxury hotel. This unique structure, for its exclusive panoramic position directly at Piazzale Michelangelo, is a few steps from Ponte Vecchio, with a breathtaking view of the city of Florence, immerse in its own garden with a beautiful panoramic swimming pool and Jacuzzi. We can arrange your wedding ceremony in the wonderful terrace overlooking Florence. Picture wedding photos of you, taken as you stroll through Florence's characteristic streets. The streets of Florence are unforgettable and filled with unique and prestigious show rooms of the main Italian fashion designers. Historical aristocratic palaces, the ancient street lamps and incredible architecture will surround you and make the city of your wedding forever etched in your minds. Museums - Events - Shopping - Restaurants