Churches in Italy
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Religious ceremonies for weddings in Italy

Churches in Italy

Regency is the only coordinator, in Italy, able to arrange RELIGIOUS WEDDINGS, WITH CIVIL VALIDITY: We can arrange Protestant (all denominations) and Catholic ceremonies in chapels and churches all over Italy. Below are photos and descriptions of some churches and chapels, where you can have a religious wedding or blessing. Some of the most beautiful churches in the world are in Italy. The Catholic faith is a deep and abiding part of the history and culture of our country.

Regency works with famous churches, filled with art masterpieces for your Catholic Wedding in Rome, Catholic Wedding in Tuscany and Catholic Weddings in Florence. There are churches in Venice which provide lovely, intimate settings. There are, also, many smaller beautiful churches tucked in the Tuscan countryside, perfect as an romantic setting for a Catholic wedding in the rolling hills of Tuscany. The Amalfi Coast boasts wonderful Catholic cathedrals, almost one per town. In Positano, Ravello and Amalfi, there are many beautiful churches, with a view of the sea.
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