Italian Gestures
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Italian Gestures

Italian Gestures

You will shortly be coming to Italy to celebrate your wedding and may be curious to understand the animated hand gestures of Italians, be it your taxi driver, waiter or photographer? Would you like to find out what they really think of you? Or perhaps you are Italian and foreigners can’t understand you through your gestures? The new application for iPhone and iPodTouch - Italian Gestures, has finally arrived to assist you in understanding Italian hand gestures. It is the first application of its kind! With this application you can now learn how to communicate better with Italians and do so in a lively and fun way! You can even become true “language gestures specialists” by using this application. People all over the world use gestures as a mean of communication, but Italians are renowned and unbeaten in this practice! According to experts, Italian gestures are a proper communication method, quite able to substitute the normal language. Despite the difficulties of the language, during a conversation with Italians, their extravagant gestures explain everything. But be warned! Take care to avoid misunderstandings and embarrassment as some gestures may have a completely different meaning to what you may think. Using this application it is possible to send an email of your own thoughts to the web developer who will design the gestures and publish them in your name! Let’s look at some of the most popular gestures used in Italy. Download the application!
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