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Concept & Design

Our method is to start by developing the most suitable concept. For this we apply a useful analytic and enjoyable process with our customers, which we call "the concept journey". This enables us to explore the initial requests of the customers while also studying their unconscious desires and needs, a process which often ends by happily surprisingly the customers themselves. The choice of an event’s setting is fundamental for deciding its design: to avoid copying trends or momentary fashions, and to make it unlikely that a competitor may offer a similar event, we always suggest emphasising the history of the setting, the people who live there, their traditions, culture, colours, flavours and aromas. This is the only way to design a unique and unrepeatable event for each particular customer, in that particular moment of their lives and in that special place. The second phase of our method involves developing the "creative idea", by exploring inspiring images and ideas to propose to the clients, awakening imagination and originality. Thanks to this phase, we are able to create the final design and start to implement it. To illustrate the “creative idea” we use existing images and/or produce freehand sketches to better stimulate and express emotions and feelings.

Concept & Design Concept & Design


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