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History e Mission

Years of research and experience in organizing romantic and unique weddings

Regency has been planning weddings since 1987. We collaborated with the Italian Authorities in 1989, in order to establish the exact procedures and paperwork necessary for foreigners to get married in Italy. We were the first wedding coordinators to work with the City Hall of Florence (Palazzo Vecchio), allowing foreigners to marry legally in Italy. Regency was the only wedding planning service in Tuscany for years, and, just for example, we have arranged more than 900 catholic weddings in Tuscany. We had already organized about 1200 weddings by 1995, when some of our competitors started out. Today, Regency has arranged more than 19.000 glorious weddings. Our staff has acquired knowledge from years of research and experience, in organizing romantic and unique weddings with both foreign and Italian flavor.

At this time, we are the only wedding planners, based in Italy, able to arrange religious weddings with civil validity - offering you the possibility to marry legally in private palaces, villas, castles, gardens and hotels. We can arrange one ceremony, recognized both legally and religiously, by law, in Italy and in your Country. This holds true for Catholic couples, as well as couples of all Protestant denominations.

Whether you are looking for a simple, romantic getaway just for the two of you, or planning a wedding with family & friends, Regency has the expertise to fulfill your dreams and help you keep within your budget. After 20 years in the business, we have established wonderful working relationships with the best venues all over Italy, and continue to find special locations we trust. Regency can cater to your every need. We are tour operators and land operators: we make all wedding, reception and honeymoon arrangements, with quality service and assistance.

Once you put your confidence in us, you will see that all details (small and large) will come together to create your customized dream wedding - see our past clients at our wedding testimonials page. If you like you can also visit our old weddings in Italy web site).
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