Certified wedding venues by Regency 1987

Certified wedding venues by Regency 1987

Regency, having organized weddings and events since 1987, has always analyzed and selected wedding venues based on very strict criteria. This has been possible because of Regency\'s own staff of professionals including architects who verify the venues\' characteristics and interior design as well as the furnishings and aesthetic aspects, wedding planners who verify the logistics for a wedding, and managers who assess business management and value for money of the venue.

Regency identified 10 primary criteria and 10 secondary criteria that locations can have. The locations with the 10 primary criteria have the perfect wedding venue© qualifications. The locations with 80% of the criteria have the quality wedding venue© qualifications.


  1. consistency in its quality price ratio
  2. presence of at least 2 distinct areas for the ceremony
  3. presence of at least 2 distinct areas for the reception
  4. presence of its own restaurant or alternative catering service organization
  5. possibility to have music until late night (2 am) or an alternative sound-proof area
  6. Staff and management work well as a team with external professionals under the guide of a wedding planner
  7. Splendid views of either: the sea, lake, countryside or city
  8. Extreme flexibility in the management of issues relevant to a wedding
  9. Venue must be clean and well kept up in all areas
  10. Venue must have geographic position which favors management and logistics of a wedding
  • The 10 secondary criteria are part of the specific expertise of Regency and are regarding particulars that the professionals of Regency analyze each time that they begin contact with a venue.
    Each of the secondary criteria are continuously updated and contribute to giving the location an RVR ( Regency Venue Rank ©).



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