Luxurious Persian wedding in Italy

Planning a luxurious Persian wedding in Italy

In planning a luxurious Persian wedding in Italy, we aim to encapsulate the opulence and cultural richness of this cherished tradition. Persian weddings are vibrant celebrations steeped in ancient customs and rituals. One such tradition is the 'Aghd' ceremony, where the bride and groom are seated beneath a canopy adorned with symbolic items. During this ceremony, the bride's family presents the 'Sofreh Aghd,' an intricately decorated spread featuring various elements representing blessings and good fortune. The 'Sofreh Aghd' serves as the focal point of the ceremony, symbolising the couple's journey into marriage and their future prosperity. With meticulous attention to detail and an understanding of the significance of each ritual, our Persian weddings in Italy promise to be unforgettable celebrations of love and culture. Drawing from our team's extensive experience in Persian weddings, including the expertise of our Persian team member, we ensure that every aspect of the event is executed with authenticity and precision, mirroring the customs and traditions practiced in Iran.

As your specialized Persian wedding planner in Italy, we excel in crafting the sofreh aghd spread, a tradition that involves a stunning fabric or rug serving as the foundation. Upon this backdrop, an assortment of symbolic items is carefully arranged. Typical components of the sofreh spread include:

• A mirror: symbolizing the brightness and expansiveness of the future
• Candles: representing energy and illumination
• Herbs and spices: symbolizing vitality and the zest of life
• Coins: representing wealth and abundance
• A Quran or poetry book: representing spiritual depth and devotion
• A tray of sweets: representing sweetness and the wish for a joyous life together
• A bowl of goldfish: symbolizing vitality and fertility
• A decorated egg: representing fertility and fresh starts
• Fruits and nuts: symbolizing abundance and prosperity

Persian wedding in Italy Persian wedding in Italy

Luxurious Persian wedding in Italy




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