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Weddings in Italy by Regency

- We have been organizing weddings for foreigners in Italy with true passion since 1987 and have happily married more than 18.000 couples who would be glad to give you testimonials of their experiences with our company and explain to you personally our seriousness and professionalism.

- We are the only wedding planners able to arrange weddings with civil validity in private locations, offering you the possibility to legally marry in private villas, castles, gardens, beaches and many other outdoor unusual locations. For years we have been providing this service to many of the most important luxury hotels and wedding venues in Italy (and also to some of our competitors).

- We have been arranging weddings for foreigners longer than anyone in italy and have very good relationships with all the wedding venues in Italy. We have worked with many vendors and in these past 25 years we have selected the best and those vendors with the highest quality value for money.

- We are an international company with on-site professional coordinators from all over the globe, including the US, Italy, Lebanon and Japan. Our wedding planners have a deep knowledge of the Italian culture and wedding traditions. We know the most beautiful locations in Italy to recommend for foreigners coming to marry here while keeping in mind your culture, background and taste.

- We have our own music department and we are the manager of many bands and musicians. Therefore in the field of music we are not the middleman but we are the direct agents and contact. In fact we also organize musical festivals and concerts of world renown artists; we have our own classical music orchestra and produce many operas. This is a guarantee of quality for our clients and gives them price advantages as well. In our website you can listen directly to the mp3 music of our musicians or watch their videos.

- Seeing that we live in Italy and personally know the country so well, we can offer you the largest selection of venues to choose from for your wedding and reception. Among all of these properties there are also our three exclusive villas where you can feel like you are at your own home. in Tuscany, and in the Amalfi Coast.

- The names of the venues that you read on our web site are the real names of each location. Therefore they are not fictitious names as almost all other wedding planners put on their web sites, to prevent you from contacting the venues directly. We gave been working for 25 years now with all the venues and we are their suppliers of various services, so we have no problem giving you the real names of each one.

- We have our own company that takes care of lighting and equipment for all events, producing any type of set up Event Production. In this case we are direct suppliers guaranteeing the best quality at the best price. Thanks to this we have arranged many of the most important Italian events of the past years.

- We have a legal contract with all of our couples to guarantee our clients the services we provide for their wedding, reception and stay here will be completed to satisfaction.

- We make sure all of the legal paperwork required to marry here can be completed in Italy. This includes the atto notorio required for US citizens.The procedure for the documents is somewhat complicated and very often there are problems and errors among passports, sworn declarations (nulla osta) and atto notorio (for example it has happened that a client's atto notorio done in the states was not correct and we had to redo it here in Italy at the last minute and another couple left their atto notorio done in Miami at home and we had to do it again here for them) or also there can be problems with the timing between the consulate, local notary office (Pretura) and the Prefettura (where we have to legalize docs). All of this must planned very well and therefore it is necessary that a professional coordinates everything in a precise manner and make sure everything is OK. If a company or a consultant instead says they will only do one part of the process and not all, acts in a incorrect way because in case of a problem they can always just say that it was not their fault and always be safe. This we never do because we are competent and therefore always assume all the responsibility regarding documents.

- For US citizens, other agencies may tell you that you need to do paperwork in the states and so if you tell them you prefer to do this here in Italy, they will even charge a large extra fee for doing this with them. Instead, we include this in all of our basic packages for legal weddings. This means that you do not need to do any Italian paperwork in the US before arriving in Italy which greatly reduces your amount of pre-wedding preparation and saves you a great deal of money.

- We are licensed members of the A.S.T.A., American Society of Travel Agents.

- The services we provide are customized to reflect your individual needs so that your wedding is a unique event. This is our overall goal!
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