Wedding Planner Master
Wedding in Italy

Master Course for Wedding Planner and Event Manager


DAY 1 :
- Introduction to the Master
- The client: in particular nationalities, religious backgrounds, cultural and character specifics

DAY 2 :
- Wedding bureaucracy
- Projection and organization of the wedding, guiding the client to choose a planner
- The suppliers and their services

DAY 3 :
- Wedding Day
- Services to coordinate following the wedding

DAY 4 :
- Introduction to the wedding planning profession: how to organize and run your own business

DAY 5 to DAY 10:
- Practice together with a Senior Wedding Planner working on real cases and contact with clients


The goal of the Wedding Planner Master is to give a fully professional training. It is mainly addressed to individuals already working in this type of business and it requires a good English knowledge as well as some basic computer skills. The Master will take place over ten days: the first four days will be based on a theoretical part where we will study more accurately the subjects already examined during the Basic and Advanced Courses. Every single subject will always be focused on real cases. The participants will have the true sense of the problems in order to be able to face the different situations in a more specific way. During the other six days the participants will have the opportunity to actually practice next to our Senior Wedding Planners during the organization and coordination of the wedding itself. The strictly legal aspects of running and organizing the business will be treated, and all lessons will be run on real life cases with the maximum interaction.


* field obligatory