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Athens, Greece 12 November 2009

I am a Personal Assistant to an international shipping family, and I was asked to find a personal chef for the family for the summer of 2009. I was forwarded numerous resumes, and I still was not satisfied that the demanding standards they would face would be met.

I was introduced to Chef Valdo and Sophia thru a US contact. Through our many conversations and my inquiries on the internet and in the “chef world” in general, I read only good things about Chef Valdo and his many endeavors. We proceeded to agree to hire both, as I also needed someone to bring the food to the table harmoniously and professionally, Sophie was the missing link that I needed. So it was perfect.

As our journey began, and Valdo and Sophie explored the tastes of the family, getting to know what they liked and disliked, it was not long before Valdo know exactly what they wanted to eat and how they wanted it made. He made sumptuous dinners, introducing new tastes to an already experienced pallet (the lady of the house) and she was extremely impressed as well as friends from all over the world who often visited the family villa on the weekends. Fabulous pastas, fish, roasts, and of course their favorite Tagliatelle were served.
Delicious pastries and cookies, Zuppa Inglese, all fresh, delicious!

From our experience Chef Valdo and Sophia are an unbeatable team, professional, dedicated, able to adjust to any situation, preparing fabulous food every time. And may I add, just lovely to work with. I recommend both highly without reservation.
Our only regret is that they don’t live in Greece!

Kindest Regards

Venetia Omiridis
Executive Personal Assistant to the
Panayotides Family

Dear Sophie and Valdo,

I suddenly remembered the other day that I had never emailed you to say a proper thank you for the marvelous food you prepared and cooked for us in May when we were staying at the villa near Lucca.

Every evening you prepared several courses of delicious Tuscan food for us to enjoy. Each evening the menu was completely different; each day we were able to sample different local dishes, all cooked from fresh ingredients, sourced locally. How you spoiled us! We have been to Italy many times and eaten in some good restaurants but the food never tasted so good before. May be it was the fact that the ingredients were so fresh, perhaps because the dishes were local to the area or perhaps it was just your very special magic touch!
Whatever it was we shall always remember the sunny evenings sitting on the terrace eating your delicious food and dinking the local wine you had so carefully chosen for us.

Thank you both very much indeed.
My best regards to you both,
Jenny Whitmore