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Vintage driving Italian style

Vintage driving Italian style
Vintage cars always create the wow effect. Especially when you leave the ceremony location and all your guests are there looking at you, bride and groom. No, I am not speaking about vintage Ferrari or Rolls Royce which are no doubt breathtaking. What I mean now is having a vintage ape car with driver to drive you around for a photo tour. Truly cosy Italian Style! more

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Italian wedding shoes trend

Italian wedding shoes trend

You can never, ever go wrong if you choose the cute, traditional white and cream colored shoes. Classical with no frills. But the attention to the details is the secret to an elegant and original bridal look. And who said that elegance passes only through the white?

Details can really make the difference.

Shoes are no longer kept hidden under the gown as a minor detail. Of course they will have to match with your wedding gown. And the more your dress is elaborated the more your shoes will have to be sober. On the contrary if you have chosen a simple dress then opt for more extravagant shoes.

Exploring new trends on bridal shoes in 2014, it's appropriate to say: "colorful bride, lucky bride". It has becoming a trend, in fact, matching white dresses and more

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