PART 3 - 10 biggest mistakes couples make planning their wedding

Mistake n. 5   To think: it will never happen on the day of my weddingIt is a common thought of most all brides to just let themselves go crazy and even be overwhelmed by the novelty and the emotions regarding one of the most important days of their lives. Devoting themselves entirely to their own care, the dress, the invitations, the choice of location, the menu, flowers etc etc which is fun and exciting . This way of thinking very often leaves brides forgetting  the possibility of problems that could happen on the wedding day.The most damaging of all problems would certainly be bad weather or worse: rain.Having planned a ceremony or reception at a beautiful outdoor terrace or garden without having predicted a backup, plan B, could turn the wedding into a nightmare. Having planned the wedding on a summer day thinking it will be beautiful and sunny, today is no longer enough, the changes in climate are teaching us that the day may not be what you think even in the month of July and in certain areas, such as the lakes, this is often possible.A common mistake and certainly serious is also to think of a plan B but not be sure if the plan B is able to replace to perfection the original plan.  It happens very often that the owners of the venues reassure brides by simply presenting a indoor or covered area. But few bother to check in detail the logistics in case of rain and how the tables will need to be set up and where to put the band and enjoy dancing and where to place the buffet and if there is room for the cocktail hour set up , etc. etc.. Even in these cases it turns out to be too late to find out that the supposed indoor back up location is not good enough to have a beautiful wedding day and it becomes a drama because nothing can work as it was imagined to be.What is the solution then? Definitely have a trustworthy person, a wedding planner who knows the venue well and who can draw an EVENT B not just a plan B !The event B must be designed like the event A and only in this case can the bride be sure that her wedding day will be beautiful regardless of the weather.Analyzing thoroughly, there could also be other problems such as the tire or the engine of the old classic car that breaks suddenly, or the photographer or the celebrant, or the make up artist etc...has an accident. All this is possible and many brides have had to deal with it.How can you deal with these situations? If one does all the planning by themselves it will be difficult to find at the last minute another photographer or a car or a new celebrant.  Also if the supplier is a small business owner of the car it would be very hard to find another car in time.Therefore the solution is to have at their side a person who is able to cope at all times with any inconvenience or problem, a person who can call in a minute another car or another makeup artist. A wedding emergency assistant :))Mistake n. 6  Go crazy the night before the wedding Certainly it is great fun to go out the night before the wedding with friends or have a beautiful rehearsal dinner with your guests. Especially in a destination wedding it is nice to spend time with people who you have not seen in a while, it is nice to get together and reminisce about the past fun times and laugh at happy memories.The advice is to participate and then escape to rest as soon as the tone of the party starts to change and become stronger to avoid having a wedding day with too much alcohol on your body and a a bad headache.It is much better to reflect on the fact that a sleepless night and alcohol can virtually eliminate everything that is done to make a lovely appearance. Circles or puffy eyes, a tired face make the work of the make up artist and photographer much harder, but above all the headaches, tiredness and a general indisposition will make the day of the wedding heavy, deafening and less compelling.So it is best to not be out late and drinking the night before. If is has to be done then it is better to plan the party a few days before in order to have the time to recover fully.
  • PART 3 - 10 biggest mistakes couples make planning their wedding

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