Wedding Planners


Wedding Planners - SherylSheryl graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Specialised Events Management and a minor in Hospitality & Tourism management in Lebanon. Having been born and raised in a country known for its diverse cultures, European influences and high education standards, Sheryl was most known as the adventurous and daring one in all her groups of friends, families and coworkers. Her selfless tendency to constantly help, creative ideas that influenced everyone around her, and optimistic spirit that flowed and filled every room proved that the world has alot in store for her.
Upon graduating, Sheryl directly set foot in the Events industry and made an impact on every project she was assigned.
Being known as an instinct-follower, she decided to leave her home country and travel to Italy to pursue her masters in Events and Communication at the University of Florence. Ever since, Sheryl has unraveled a world of opportunities that she grabbed and made the most of.
Her attention to detail, out of the box thinking, and compassion to every event she has created was what made her lead & stand out the most. She knew that her innate traits were a key tool to why she shines in her field and continues to strengthen her skills through every opportunity.