Real Weddings in Rome
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Real Weddings in Rome

June 23, 2016
Posted by Paolo Nassi
  • April and Billy Wedding in Rome at Basilica of San Peter
December 23, 2015
Posted by Paolo Nassi
  • Ray and Rafic Wedding in Rome
December 02, 2014
Posted by Paolo Nassi
  • Rana and Eddy Wedding in Rome
January 07, 2015
Posted by Paolo Nassi
  • Sasha and Philip Wedding in Rome
August 29, 2014
Posted by Paolo Nassi
  • Mira and Georges's Wedding in Rome
August 26, 2013
Posted by Paolo Nassi
  • Amy and Peter Wedding in Rome
July 01, 2013
Posted by Paolo Nassi
  • Mona & Georges Wedding in Rome
March 30, 2015
Posted by Paolo Nassi
  • Exclusive Wedding in Relais Appia Antica
February 11, 2017
Posted by Paolo Nassi
  • Silvia and Man Wedding in Rome
February 28, 2017
Posted by Paolo Nassi
  • Danielle and Nick Wedding in Rome
February 28, 2017
Posted by Paolo Nassi
  • Nita and Tommy Wedding in Rome

Real Wedding in Rome

Let the wedding planners of Regency make the process of arranging your Wedding in Rome smooth and without stress. Allow them to help with the events surrounding your wedding and introduce you to florists, musicians, photographers - all with sterling reputations and years of working with Weddings in Italy. Come to Rome. Sit sipping wine in an outdoor café and watch the world go by. Know that your wedding in Rome will be THE romantic memory of your lifetime.

Roma, la Citta Eterna, Rome the Eternal City. Rome, the perfect place for a wedding in Italy. Nowhere else in the world can a modern, glamorous, cosmopolitan city exist, not just beside ancient wonders, but somehow twisted and blended into a whole. The excitement of the past and present are chaotic and hypnotizing and at the same time breathe new life and a sense of calming awe into the visitor. Rome is overwhelming, with something for everyone. Actually, everything one expects is here, but perhaps, not exactly as expected. Therefore, the visitors must allow the entrancing combination of ancient, modern, Renaissance, Baroque, sophistication and mundane wash over them, and then choose the course of seeing, feeling and tasting what appeals to each individual.

The centro storico or historic center is a patchwork of medieval streets, waiting to be explored, not too far from the elegant streets of haut couture. Cafes and little restaurants entice and give one oases of good food, and calm sips of wonderful Italian coffee.
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Weddings in Italy has wedding planners living in Rome, who know their city well, and can provide an unlimited choice of locations for a wedding of your dreams. There is a magnificent hotel, where the garden terrace overlooks the famous Spanish Steps, villas and palaces on piazzas of renown, churches so steeped in history and spirituality that they bring tears to your eyes. In the hills of Rome, there are villas and palaces in lush settings with breathtaking views. The terme or baths of Caracalla are an unusual and distinctive location for a civil wedding. Rome and its surroundings seem filled with romance. The crowds at Trevi fountain in the middle of a small piazza, mixed with tourists and natives alike, fill one with a sense of years and years of lovers meeting and rejoicing. There has been a fountain here for hundreds of years. Legend says that if you toss two coins in the fountain, the first will grant you a wish and the second assure that you will return to Rome. (Rent "Three Coins in the Fountain" before traveling to Rome!)

Regency can arrange legal civil, symbolic, non-denominational and specific religious ceremonies to suit all desires for a Wedding in Rome. Rome is the city where the State of the Vatican City lives, which brings a quality of intense joy to Catholic couples. The beauty of St. Peters's and the Sistine Chapel appeal to all. The Great Synagogue of Rome stands out in its architectural beauty and history of Judaism in Europe.

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