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May 20, 2015
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Real Wedding in Amalfi

Each part of Italy is the best! Mark Twain said: "Say that the Creator made Italy from the designs of Michelangelo". So many parts of Italy are gleaming jewels, romantic, historic and entrancing. The Amalfi Coast stands out as an eye-catching dream of rocky coastline, with houses clinging to the sides of the cliffs, which seem to drop into the water. Tiny tiled towns, blue-green coves with fishing and pleasure boats huddled together greet the visitor, as glorious blooms and lemon trees abound, tucked into the steep terraced hillsides. Romance seems to seep through the rocks. A possible wedding in Amalfi Coast provides incredible choices for a couple in terms of space, setting and ceremony. Each town has its own cathedral for enchanting Catholic weddings. A legal religious or civil wedding can take place in the gardens of a splendid, historical palace in the center of Positano or on the terrace of a fabulous hotel with breathtaking views of the sea. One hotel was a convent in the 1200s and has been amazingly restored. Weddings in Italy has professional wedding planners based in Amalfi. They are respected for their professionalism and creativity, and are well-liked by the local vendors. Regency's consultants can arrange and coordinate your wedding in Amalfi, Positano, Ravello, Sorrento, and Capri. When driving the twisty, curvy roads (with the driver looking at the road!), one encounters such beauty and wonder, that it is hard not to let your jaw drop! How can one live so high up? Why aren't the houses falling into the sea? How can the terraces be cultivated in perfect rows?
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A romantic wedding location in Italy

Each small town has its own special charm, slight change in surroundings, and food specialties. There are towns famous for producing buffalo mozzarella and limoncello, the lemon after dinner liquor, know for its digestive powers. In season, stuffed small artichokes are sold on the road. Seafood abounds. Amalfi, the town rather than the region, was once a separate Marine Republic. It sits in the mouth of a deep ravine, with small fishing boats and yachts providing a scene of beauty and artistic wonderment. Excursions to Capri are available. Shops and cafes line the small piazza and uphill main street. Steps between the buildings lead to homes seemingly up in the sky! The main cathedral is easily noticed with steps just made for wedding photographs. The wedding experts of Weddings in Italy can arrange a picture-perfect wedding in Amalfi. Positano, the small fishing village, at one time almost forgotten, is now the best known village on the Amalfi Coast. Romance, fabulous shopping, and views to remember for a lifetime make Positano a special wedding location. There are five-star hotels, villas with lush gardens, a town cathedral and a chapel overlooking the sea - all prepared to help make your wedding one-of-a-kind. Regency knows Positano and how to cater to your wishes. The village of Ravello, known for its music festival sits on a ridge high above the town of Amalfi. Fabulous views, its own particular charm, gardens lush and romantic, churches well-known for their architectural and historic importance - make Ravello yet another special choice for a wedding of great magic. Regency has the know-how and experience to plan a glorious wedding for two or an elegant formal wedding for 200 - and everything in between. The lush lemon-scented town of Sorrento is a perfect base for visiting the towns on the Amalfi Coast or the place for your spectacular Italian wedding. Walking through the streets and alley ways of Sorrento brings you to interesting churches and shops. Sorrento is just across the Bay of Naples from the city of Naples itself and the views are grand. On a clear day, one can see the Isle of Capri. Unlike the towns of the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento is fairly flat. Regency arranges weddings in exquisite gardens, on the terraces of luxurious hotels, in a villa or in one of the lovely churches of Sorrento. Capri, the Isle of Capri, immortalized in song, books and movies, the dramatic high of tourism. Beloved Capri, home at times to world-known celebrities, beckons to all to feel its history, explore the ruins of Imperial Roman villas and savor the products of this tiny island. The Grotta Azzura, or Blue Grotto has long drawn visitors to see this unbelievable sea cave, filled with turquoise beams of light. Tourism in Capri goes back to the Roman emperors. Tiny streets, whitewashed buildings, tiny cafes, shops and restaurants, filled with a holiday atmosphere, continually draw newcomers and regulars. Lush gardens and fantastic views impose magical and mystical feelings upon those who travel to this enchanting island. It is not hard to imagine the wedding of a lifetime in these surroundings. On the Amalfi Coast, in any town or village, or on the Isle of Capri, Weddings in Italy can plan a wedding to make dreams come true. Regency has the ability to arrange a Protestant, Jewish, non-denominational or civil legal wedding in almost any setting - hotel, garden, villa, castle, or terrace, with the reception in the same venue or elsewhere. Civil weddings can also be celebrated in Town Halls and Roman Catholic weddings in churches or cathedrals. Let Regency answer your questions and help you plan the wedding of your dreams.