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Sorrento sits above the sea on an imposing tuff outcrop with deep gardens. The city is the most famous place on the Sorrentine Peninsula and it is a renowned destination for an Amalfi Coast wedding. The houses are immersed in luxuriant greenery and surrounded by groves of olives, lemons and orange trees. Sorrento is a tranquil place, to be enjoyed in all seasons for its climate, the perfume of its gardens and the panoramic terraces that look onto the sea. ItÂ’s an ideal place for an unforgettable wedding and for your honeymoon stay.

In Roman times Sorrento was the favourite dwelling of the aristocracy and nowadays it is a place where many arrive to make their love wish come true. The civil register shows that all citizens from the world are coming to marry here now: British, American, Australian, German and Dutch weddings. Every year the number of foreign couples who have their wedding in the Cloister of San Francesco or the Hall of Councillors at the Sorrento Town Hall increases.

For your wedding in Sorrento, Regency suggests the Cloister of San Francesco, in the vicinity of the Villa Comunale. The Cloister of Sorrento is a perfect fusion of different architectural styles, on two sides of the porch we find crossed tuff arches, stylistic expression of the late fourteenth century. Instead, on the other two sides impressive round arches on octagonal pillars are erected. A wedding in Sorrento in the Cloister on a splendid, sunny day is a fantastic idea. In the shade of the porches or under a tree, you can savour all the magic of a place enveloped in silence, coloured by stupendous flowers made brilliant by the sunshine and rich in scents which mingle in the air.

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