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Amalfi Coast: the most beautiful shoreline in Italy.

Italy is famous in the word for its uncredibly various and rich artistic patrimony, which you can enjoy during your stay here. Regency Group can organize for you guided tours to famous museums, such as the Uffizzi in Florence, the Vatican museums in Rome, the museum of San Marco in Venice. ... but also interesting excursions in historical locations related to famous musicians and composers:

We would like to invite you to travel as you have never done bifore. You will have the time to taste local delicacies and to breathe the atmosphere coming from narrow medieval streets.

Your Italian stay for wedding or honeymoon in Italy will be enriched with visits to

The Regatta of the Ancient Maritime Republics is amazing. It is a full historical re-creation celebrating Amalfi's glorious past, as a Maritime Republic.

The Wagner Music Festival. Since 1953, this fabulous festival, dedicated to Richard Wagner, has been taking place in Ravello. There is opera, ballet, theatre and cinema, always around the theme of the Wagner's "dream".

The Sorrento Summer of Music Festival is held in the cloister of the Monastery of St. Francis in Sorrento. It features classical and chamber music, with some jazz.


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