Excellent wines are born on the Tuscan terrain. They are the fruit of the generosity of the area's natural surroundings. Viticulture, grapes and wine have been an integral part of Tuscan civilisation for almost three millennia, since the ever mysterious Etruscans moved into the territory and settled. They had a culture in which wine and food played a central role.
For the ancient Romans, just like for the Greeks before them, grapes and olives were not only essential elements of their alimentation, they were also sacred plants, and they gave the best results from the poorest soils.

In Tuscany, according to Leonardo da Vinci, men are born happier than anywhere else: …"and I think that much happiness is reserved to men who are born where good wines are found…".

A lot of "food and wine tourism" has developed in the past years, since a wine tasting visit has become a popular excursion for many people who love good wines and who are connoisseurs in such a way as to be sure to have an adequate supply of bottles of their own preferred producers on hand.

We offer you itineraries all along the "STRADA DEL VINO" (WINE ROAD), itineraries for the senses and for the soul.
Tuscany is one of the regions in Italy with most vineyards. They are spread out over most of the region, of the climate, of the skill and imagination of man.

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