In the heart of Tuscany, the Etruscan coastline represents the continental part of the province of Livorno. In this area of sea and nature, art and history live together in a unique, harmonious picture.
The sea, first of all: crystalline, with never-ending beaches, of cliffs covered with welcoming pines. This is a corner of the Mediterranean which is alive with life.
Nature: an incredibly rich environment, which is full of parks and protected areas, this is an ecological oasis in which animal refuges populated by rare and precious species abound and where there is dense vegetation of deep pine forests and woods.
The countryside: rich in colours and fragrances, the "Strada del Vino", it is covered by noble vineyards and olive groves, the wines and olive oils from this area are famous over the entire world.
Between the sea and the mountains, the other magical route of the Etruscan coast begins. This is the one which brings us to discover architectural treasures, of art and culture, guarded by this earth: from Etruscan sites, with archaeological settlements exposed to the sea breeze and precious little museums which gather together important exhibits, historical towns, Medieval jewels still intact. These places bear witness to a rich history.
The beaches, the cliffs and the clear sea, the pine forests, parks, and the protected oases, the architectural treasures, the mild climate all year long, have made this area very famous and sought-out. Here one is greated with warm-hearted and efficient hospitality.

Along the Etruscan coast the fertile countryside extends from the seaside all the way to the hillsides. It is crossed by many pathways which winds through the olive tree groves, through the chestnut, holm-oak and cork forests. These are ideal pathways for trekking, for excursions on mountain bike, horseback riding and for gathering mushrooms and chestnuts.
Villas, farmhouses and farmsteads, which are found on the edges of the countryside are now places for agritourisms, offering wonderful places to rest.

Here, the "Strada del Vino", along which we find renowned products such as "Sassicaia", runs between the hills and the sea. Its route unites the areas "D.O.C." (where the highest quality wine is produced) of the Etruscan coast, Montescudaio, Bolgheri and the Val di Cornia. Here we find villages and small towns, parish churches and castes, all in the heart of the Tuscan countryside.
The famous "Sassicaia" is, like the "Ornellaia" a world-renowned wine. It is the central point of a network of small, high quality wine growers. Their roots are deep in the history of the region and in the culture of this area. It is possible to discover them in the farms and wine cellars, accompanied by local salamis and typical cheeses.
In the farms and agriturisms, which we find all along the "Strada del Vino", it is also a pleasure to taste products which are organic, olive oil "D.O.C." (of the highest quality), as well as honey and sweets which are most characteristic of the area.
There is also a renewal of an ancient and important tradition of horse raising, with stables and riding grounds in the fresh grassy meadows.

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