This small plot of land has always been a bridge between Florence and Siena, thanks to its position in the heart of Tuscany. It has represented a perfect place and a place of noble residences and for prestigious travellers from all over the world.
Few other areas in Italy can offer such a rich artistic, historical and natural heritage which is so vast, in such a small area. Here we find small towns and villages, castles, religious paces. But the "minor" aspects of this area are not to be forgotten, such as its
gastronomy, artisan crafts, agriturism, walks in the countryside, and small museums which contain original art treasures.
The Chianti is an area of charming hills which rise softly up to an altitude of 893m on Mount San Michele, rich in vineyards, but also rich in chestnut, oak and holm-oak forests, of abundant olive and pointed cypress trees. This is one of the most beautiful and characteristic areas in all of Italy.

All along the "via Chiantigiana", which goes all the way from Siena to Florence, passing across the valleys of the Ema, Greve and Pesa rivers an after having passed across all of the Chianti, one can find numerous restaurants and hotels capable of offering a welcome, which one could even say is royal. One can also find agricultural inns and businesses for a more simple and innocent hospitality, without, however, renouncing on comfort.
Obviously there are many farms which are very happy to open the doors of their cellars to accompany you on a visit of the farm, the vineyards and to let you come to know and enjoy their local products.

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