We present our valuable Cooking Classes and Culinary Tours.

We will be offering our customers an exclusive program of visits, excursions and high-performance cooking classes hosted by professional and creative chefs. They all feature an excellent curriculum including important experiences made in Italy and abroad and they all are very experienced in giving cooking lessons. English is usually spoken. When necessary an interpreter will be available for English, German, Spanish and Japanese languages

The Italian Cuisine is the most appreciated all over the world and an ever increasing number of people are willing to discover the joys of learning the secrets of Italian dishes and recipes. Hands-on lessons are performed during the classes. The opportunity to revise all the recipes is offered by the dvd produced during the lessons performed at the Relais. The possibility to exchange e-mails with the chef is provided for assistance, advice or just for the pleasure of staying in touch after sharing such a great and unforgettable experience.

Cooking Classes

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