For your wedding invitations Regency Weddings in Italy has chosen the precious papers by a "Bottega d'Arte" (Shop of Art) that since 1856 has been making in Florence very prestigious papers, some of which reproducing the original patterns as taken from the Italian regional art. Other ones do reproduce the very famous Works of Art of the Italian painting history. Other ones are made in the "Stile Fiorentino", a style which was born in this workshop in the second half of 1800 and flourished in Florence during the "Victorian age" when a large number of English were to be found in town; the patterns were inspired by the Middle Age handwritten and by 1600 drawing made with golden leaf on parchment, made precious by tempera colors. Still nowadays the paper working techniques are the ancient ones and the materials are always chosen within the first quality ones. As an alternative, we propose more modern wedding invitation in ecological paper.