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Process & Products

Each year great quantities of hemp sacks, containing cocoa beans, arrive in Pontedera, Tuscany, from all over the world. The first phase in the process is the quality control: a sample is taken from the sacks and analyzed for quality. A small amount is roasted and transformed into chocolate to see if it is necessary to make any adjustments on the plantations. Once the batch is approved roasting takes place in a classic roaster using indirect heat, during which only an expert palate can identify what the final taste will be. Following, the husking process takes place, and the beans pass through a machine that uses jets of compressed air to separate the shell and the sediment from the internal nib or grain.
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In the next phase, the grinding, the mixture is broken-up until a solid mass is obtained. Ingredients are blended in the heating areas and then pass through the refiners, where the mixture becomes very refined. The conching process is one of the most important phases in attaining a “chocolate of high quality.” This phase allows the elimination of exceeding moisture and residual tannins, to obtain a well rounded aroma, with the result of an extremely velvety chocolate. Amedei follows the process of conching using specifically designed basins maintained at a controlled temperature. The conching process at Amedei lasts for a staggering 72 hours (well above the minimum required by the industry), during which the chocolate is mixed constantly.The last phase is the tempering, which allows the crystallization of the cocoa-butter within the liquid chocolate. This process creates a chocolate suitable in every way for moulding. The chocolate is now ready and can be poured into the moulds where it takes a definitive shape or can be used in the preparation of pralines and tartufi. The elegance and unique quality of Amedei chocolate is immediately evident from the classic style chosen for the packaging, that encloses the exquisite creations wrapped on site in Tuscany. Even the design of the wrappings, in colours that best represent Amedei (red, white, black and gold) are a result of the Tessieri family working together. The packaging, enfolding the priceless chocolate, was developed around the simple and refined ideas of Cecilia’s mother. Thanks to her knowledge and research in this field, la Signora Ida played a fundamental role in the final design. The packaging, with its logo in gold and the inscription Amedei Tuscany, is created from quality card to protect the more than 120 varieties of chocolate from any change in their sensory qualities.