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Wedding Planners - Vittoria

Vittoria successfully graduated in Political Science with international specialization began working at the same time she travelled a lot for its university researches and so she stayed in contact with different worlds and cultures. Her love for Italy and for her both birth places (Amalfi coast and Tuscany) becomes so strong that only coming back here Vittoria is able to find that particular atmosphere, magical that mixed with her hot, nice and exciting behavior typical of the south of Italy decided to work for a company that arranges foreign weddings just here in these wonderful places. In this way she could combine her love for Italy with her international experience and studies. Living along the Amalfi Coast and part of the year also in Tuscany thanks to her mother's birth she had discovered these two wonderful regions in the best way. Loved and appreciated by priests, ladies/men who work at the town halls, consulates ,public officers, hotels, thanks to her capacity to interact with people kindly and warmly. She knows how we can move and where we can move. She has been working for Regency by 10 years so her professional experience was improved by many weddings, many couples. For them Vittoria arranges not only their special day but she tries to get unique their holidays. She arranges different activities for them and for their guests to discover the areas in the best way. So her couples with their guests can combine their special day with their unique and exclusive holiday and honeymoon.

Some of my couples

Cassandra and Mike

Dear Vittoria,
I just wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful experience! I had a wonderful time and definitely don't want to eat the food in America.

Catherine and Chris Henry

Thank you for all your help planning the wedding we had a wonderful day. Please pass on our thanks to Giuseppe for his help on the day. I wish you, your husband and your baby girl all the best for the future.

Lots of love.
PHONE from US: 011 378 941108 - from Europe: +378 941108

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