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Wedding Planners - <b>Miki</b>

Wedding Planners - Miki

Miki is the executive of our Japanese division. She is Japanese and fluent in both Japanese and Italian. She has lived in Rimini, Italy since 1989. She has visited all of the major cities in Italy over the years. She says, "Since Italy is one of the most romantic places for weddings in the world, I would like to share this wonderful experience with couples." She has planned numerous weddings for Japanese couples on the Amalfi Coast, Rome, Venice, Florence and in the Tuscany area. She is extremely efficient and precise and glad to take care of the important part of the couples' follow-up services. Her role includes ordering our couples' legal marriage certificates, having them legalized and then sent to you. In addition, she organizes our couples' photographs and videos/dvd deliveries to the couples when they are ready.
She is also happy to respond to any requests received in Japanese.

PHONE from US: 011 378 941108 - from Europe: +378 941108

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