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Jinane has been working since 2000 as a wedding planner with Regency. She is one of the most experienced Italian wedding planners. She is eclectic and an artist . She arranges and coordinates weddings with an intercultural vision and approach. She specializes in high-end exclusive events, having coordinated some of the most important events and weddings Regency has done in recent years. This includes planning the wedding of the son of the President of Iraq and two prestigious events for the United States at the Venice Biennale. On 2014 Jinane was involved and interviewed for the wedding of the year between Kim Kardashian and Kayne West in Florence. Born in Beirut, Jinane, left her home country of Lebanon in 1996 to study fine arts in the marvelous city of Florence. Being Lebanese and fluent in 3 languages (Arabic, French & English) she easily learned to write and speak Italian. Jinane loves her work and puts the same passion and care even in the smallest and most intimate weddings . Above all she has great creative skills and extensive knowledge in Decorating & Design. Jinane is the mother of a wonderful child "Michele", and her passion for art continues through her painting, sculpting and participates in the most important events like the Art Biennale of Rome. The intercultural nature of Jinane allows her to easily be in synthony with her clients, establishing a professional and emotional relationship with them . With her artistic and creative ability, Jinane designs themes and arranges unique Italian weddings: her weddings have an unique touch, infact she creates innovative solutions looking at clients' preferences.

Some of my couples

Maria & David

Thankkkkkk youuuuuu!!! Youre the best!!!

Getting married in the Vatican and having our reception in Rome was definitely an unforgettable experience not only for us but also for all our guests! Everyone had an amazing time and was celebrating with all the Italian charm and way of being.

All the wedding details starting from the paperwork to get married in the Vatican up to the logistics to transport people from the church to the party were impeccably coordinated by Jinane who allowed us to truly focus on enjoying not only our wedding day but also all the excitement of planning such an important event.

Deciding to get married in Italy, which is very far from our home countries was the best decision we could have made, the entire experience has filled us with incredible memories and has given us a spectacular way to start married life. We are very grateful to Jinane and all the Regency team for taking care of all the organization of our wedding and allowing us to focus only on the fun part!!!! Thank you a million times!!!!!
Maria and David

Danielle Khoury & Jan Einar Samuelsen

Hi Jinane, Just wanted to say thank you again for such a beautiful 3 days. Each event was perfect and beautiful, and very special!!
Everyone had a really wonderful time, and most of all the bride & groom really enjoyed ourselves.

Thank you for being so calm on the day and making sure everything ran to schedule and according to plan. That was a huge plus :)
Once again, thank you so much!!

Christy Tucker & Mark Dell' Orfano

Hello Jinane,
We returned home from Italy on Saturday evening and I wanted to take a moment to let you know how very pleased we were with the entire wedding. The day was magical, from the ceremony right down to the very end of the reception. The music, flowers, organist, soprano, food, wine, cake, hotel, hair/make-up, and transportation were simply incredible. By the way, the gentleman who drove from the villa to the church and back again was outstanding and went way above the call of duty to help out in a number of ways. He should be commended! Arranging a wedding is complicated and time consuming at best, even when it is to be held locally. To arrange a wedding long distance compounds the entire process. I know we had many emails and many conversations but I wanted to make sure you know how very much we appreciated all of your hard work and follow up. It would have been impossible to arrange an event like this without the help of a wedding planner and we feel very fortunate and blessed to have found you. Thank you for helping us make Christy and Mark's wedding day so memorable.
Please don't hesitate to use us as a reference.
All our very best,
Joyce Christy Tucker & Mark Dell' Orfano

Jennifer O'conner & Ronald Preble

I just wanted to thank you for everything and let you know that things went beautifully and both Ron and I were very pleased with the wedding. Please let Daniela know how much we appreciate her help and guidance -- she did a fantastic job and made things very easy for us. I also wanted to thank you for all your hard work and for making the whole process so much easier than I ever thought it could be. Everything was perfect and everyone from the photographer to the hairdresser were great to deal with!
Thanks again for all your help, everything was wonderful!!
Sincerely, Jennifer

Cristina & Matthew

Hello Jinane! Hope you are doing well

I need to begin first with how incredibly amazing everything on our wedding day was. You more than exceeded our expectations for absolutely everything. It was all perfect and I cannot tell you enough how even more special all your efforts made our day. I truly felt like a princess from the day we arrived until the day we sadly left. Thank you thank you thank you Jinane.

We also wanted to say thank you for arranging the events during our trip (dinner, boat, etc.). The restaurants you suggested and the people you put us in contact with were more than accommodating. Everything was run so smoothly and it made our trip to Capri and Sorrento extremely memorable and unforgettable.

We also appreciate your gift, our wedding cake. It was so unnecessary and as I watched the video of us cutting the cake, I cried. It was very thoughtful of you, much much appreciated!

You are a very talented woman who is very good at her job. You know how to make everything extra extra special. It was a pleasure to have worked with you, and an even greater pleasure to have met you. You're an absolute sweetheart! Thank you!


Hanine & Hadi

Hello Jinane,

Once again thank you so much for everything you have done and for all the help. Our wedding was out of this world, all thanks to you.

I also remembered that I forgot to pay you for the mosquito sprays, really sorry about that. I'm not sure if there are any other expenses also that popped up, but if there are please let us know so we can take care of them from here.

Please send our regards to everyone, David, Andrea, Federico...they were all a pleasure to work with. Also please let me know when we can expect our wedding certificate :)

Again a million thanks!

Jane & Èlie

Hi Jinane!

My husband and I would like to Thank you for the perfect professional organization of our son's wedding.

My husband was a bit anxious but from the start,everything went fantastic..
If we can say one word to sum up the two days, we would say "magic"..

So Thank you again for everything.
I wish you all the best.

Jane and Èlie.
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