Wedding Planners


Wedding Planners - CamillaCamilla, born and raised between east Africa, where her family lived for two generations, and Italy, France and Ireland, where she fulfilled her studies in International Relations and Peace Keeping.
Her nomad life allowed her to develop languages skills and Italian, French and English became her mother tongues, together with the east African dialect, Swahili. Moving to santo Domingo for a certain period, that added a light knowledge of Spanish-South American culture.
Living in multi ethnical and international environments, she developed a passion international cultures, in especially from the middle east, from which comes the choice of her Master degree in relations between Eastern and Western cultures. She was raised in a highly artistic environment and she inherited her passion for Art from her mother, especially for the freehand drawing. This passion was morphed into a career opportunity when she started working as an internal designer within the hospitality world (Hotels, Wellness Spa and Restaurants).
Her mission is to make create beauty starting from the functionality of an environment, emphasizing with the people who will be using it and enhancing its characteristics through a multisensory concept. Camilla has a strong empathy that leads her to the constant research to putting her interlocutors at ease, especially when dealing with her Brides and Grooms.
‘I prefer to create my design models by drawing freehand and I noticed that this leads the spouses to appreciate the work more, considering it accurate and strongly personized, appreciating the idea of tailor Made and genuine’.