Tuscany: a region filled with treasures

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Tuscany: the most famous Italian Region

Your wedding in Tuscany and your honeymoon will be enriched with visits to ancient villages, small towns, unusual little museums ...
The Leaning Tower

The Bell Tower is better known as The Leaning Tower of Pisa. The first stone of the Leaning Tower was laid on Assumption Day, on the 9th of August, in the year 1173.
Tower of Pisa
Your wedding photos close to the tower or in the marvellous Piazza dei Miracoli will be very exciting.

The Dome Square of Pisa

During its period of greatest prestige and power, Pisa, which was a rapidly-expanding city, wanted to erect its most important church, crowned by what are now known as the Leaning Tower, the Baptistery and the Camposanto.
The Dome Square of Pisa

The architecture of the four structures and their harmony, were not the fruit of a single mind. In fact, the square is the result of the work of more than one brilliant architect, working over several periods on the overall structure.

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Ancient monasteries
and castles in Chianti

Visit the historical wine cellars in the renowned Chianti area, where you can taste the excellent wine. Take time to see the "Pievi" (small ancient monasteries), small villages and ancient castles surrounded by wide vineyards and silvery olive groves.
You can have your wedding ceremony everywhere in Tuscany: between olive groves or in a vineyard.

San Gimignano

From the medieval Fortress of Monteriggioni's Castle, travel to Colle Val d'Elsa to see the manufacture of its crystals, and then to the gorgeous village of San Gimignano, dominated by its towers, where the view from on high is unforgettable.

The Abbey of
Monte Oliveto Maggiore

The Crete Senesi offers a unique and fascinating landscape in the sweet Tuscan hills. There you will discover small villages and impressive monuments, like the Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore. In addition, Murlo and the Etruscan Museum are nearby and worth seeing. Romantic intimate hystorical chapel and churches full of works of art can be the perfect location for your wedding ceremony.

The Romanesque Abbey
of Sant' Antimo

Pienza, the city of the Renaissance, and the Val d'Orcia, offer great charm, delicious food like local Pecorino cheese, unusual sausages, truffles. Montalcino and Brunello wines. Also, enjoy a visit to the Romanesque Abbey of Sant'Antimo.

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