Florence: a unique shopping experience during your honeymoon in Italy!

Shopping in Florence


Florence Shopping: Heaven on Earth.

For lovers of shopping and fashion, Florence could be regarded as Heaven on Earth. A completely unique shopping experience awaits you. The beauty of shopping in Florence is that an unparalleled array of exquisite goods, elegant surroundings and majestic buildings are set before you. Add famous cafés and restaurants, overflowing with delicacies and typical Tuscan flavors, for a fabulous adventure. Florence is a shopper's paradise!
Giubbe Rosse Caffè

The Literary Cafè, "Giubbe Rosse", is where the Futurist art movement blossomed, struggled and expanded. It plays an important role in the history of Italian culture as a workshop of ideas, projects, and passions. The "Giubbe Rosse" also offers space to artists for personal exhibitions. www.giubberosse.it


Look for your wedding rings and other jewellery here: the best Jewellers of Florence to chose the rings for the happiest day of your life.
Florentine goldsmiths have been passing down their knowledge for centuries.

Artstic Leather and Paper works

In front of Pitti Palace you can find an historical shop with hand decorated and leather-bound agendas, notebooks, photo albums.
Florentine paper.

Tuscany Venues
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