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Protestant Ceremony

Protestant weddings in Italy may consist of either a "religious blessing" or Regency can provide a Minister/Pastor, who will perform, as a Public Magistrate, a Protestant ceremony with civil validity, according to Italian law.

If a legal Protestant wedding is desired, this must be arranged in advance, with the wedding planner, so documents required by Italian law can be procured.

It is important to note that the Protestant wedding may be celebrated in churches, chapels, villas, castles, gardens or at any other private location.

Protestant Ceremony in Italy

There are as many variations to Protestant ceremonies as there are Protestant churches, but they tend to be short in length. The traditional marriage ceremony usually includes a welcome to guests, an Introduction, a reading of Scripture, a Declaration of Consent, an exchange of vows and rings and the Solemn Nuptial Blessing. It also includes the Lord's Prayer and the signing of documents (or parchment) at the end of the ceremony. The attendants are active participants in the ceremony. By taking part in the ceremony through personal remarks, scriptural readings and responses, guests can help to share in the experience of an Italy wedding. Furthermore, the couple can personalize their own ceremony by choosing favorite readings or lessons (from suggested Bible passages or other romantic works) by adding their own personal vows or promises to the formal one, or adding special parts like "the exchange or roses", "lighting of candles" or the traditional Jewish "breaking of glass" etc. If requested by the couple, our Ministers may perform a simpler ceremony to meet and satisfy their own religious and personal wishes. The couple may discuss the style of ceremony directly with the Minister or his/her personal secretary.

To plan a Protestant wedding, the couple must contact, by phone or email, the Minister/Pastor (or his/her personal secretary) who will perform your wedding in Italy. This is a simple process, but must be done in enough time, before your coming to Italy. The Regency wedding planner will help with the timing and choice of minister. Marriage between people of different denominations or faiths is possible. It is required, however, that at least one of the parties be a baptized Christian.

A Protestant wedding is one of the easier ceremonies to plan. Protestant wedding services have few restrictions. Many couples request a Protestant ceremony because there is so much room for personal choice in a religious environment.

If the couple has previously been civilly married, in their own country, the Minister/Pastor will require a valid and recent civil marriage certificate, prior to performing the Protestant wedding ceremony, in Italy.

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