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Jewish Ceremony

Regency has been arranging Jewish weddings for couples in Italy, for several years. We have organized numerous different types of Jewish weddings. Whether you are Orthodox, Reform, Conservative or Reconstructionist, we can certainly assist you in planning a beautiful and truly authentic Jewish wedding in Italy.

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Jewish Ceremony

A Jewish Ceremony in Italy

Two of Regency's wedding planners are Jewish and live in Florence. They are among the founders of the first Reform Jewish congregation in Florence, named Shir Hadash, and are important Board Members. Therefore, it is extremely easy for them to organize Jewish weddings for couples in Italy. They have deep Jewish backgrounds and an understanding of Jewish wedding culture and traditions here in Italy, the US and the UK. Actually, one of our planners has a brother-in-law, who is a Reform rabbi in the US. He can come to Italy to officiate at your wedding.

There are several different types of locations to choose from, depending on the type of rabbi who will be officiating. No matter where you decide to marry in Italy (in a synagogue or a private location) we can certainly assist you with the ceremony, reception, flowers, music, etc.

In order to have a Reform Jewish wedding in Italy, we can arrange for a Reform rabbi or you can bring your own rabbi from home. The wedding would take place in a private location, such as a private villa or castle. This type of ceremony would be religious only, not legally recognized. In order for the wedding to be legally recognized, you either need to do an Orthodox Jewish wedding, a separate civil ceremony in a town hall here, or have a non-Orthodox rabbi, together with our minister (without a religious component), perform the wedding in a private location.

Regency works with various American Reform rabbis in the US and British Reform rabbis in the UK, who can come to celebrate your Jewish wedding anywhere in Italy.

Several Orthodox Jewish couples have chosen to get married in the beautiful, historic synagogues of Tuscany, including that of Siena and in the grand synagogue in Florence. On occasion, the rabbi in Florence is open to celebrating an Orthodox wedding in a private castle or villa under a beautiful Tuscan chuppah, overlooking the rolling hills, vineyards and olive trees. Another very popular location for a Jewish wedding in Italy is in one of the many beautiful Jewish synagogues in the Jewish Ghetto of Venice. The Spanish Synagogue there is truly magnificent.

All of the synagogues in Italy are Orthodox, so you would need to receive permission from an Orthodox rabbi from home to marry in one of the Italian synagogues. It is possible for an Orthodox wedding to be recognized legally and Regency can consult with you on the legal documentation process. Usually the Italian synagogue needs to speak directly with the couple, regarding an Orthodox wedding. We assist with the language barrier, so that the entire process can be expedited.

Please be sure to let your wedding planner know what type of Jewish wedding you would like to have, specifying your background and the type of location you had in mind. Regency can then help you plan a beautiful and very special Jewish wedding in Italy!