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Music in Italy
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Q. What is the S.I.A.E? Why do we have to pay for this?
A. S.I.A.E is the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers. It is the organization for the protection of intellectual copyright. Italian law establishes that those who wish to organise shows or entertainment where copyright works are exploited (e.g.: music for a party), must ask for the SIAE, a license and pay the relative amount. If organizers do not pay this license, inspectors of SIAE can stop the event and there will be a big fine to pay.

Q. I would like to have some music playing during my wedding reception at the restaurant. Shall we pay the S.I.A.E (seal of the Italian corporation of authors and publishers)?
A. Yes, since the music is played in a public place. The fee to be paid for playing music and songs during private parties (such as weddings, baptisms, birthdays, etc.) will differ according to the fact, if the music entertainment includes dancing or not. The fee is calculated according to the number of the guests and the category of the reception venue.

Q. Can we hire a DJ to play music from an IPOD?
A. Absolutely. Our DJ's have an ipod connection.

Q. Can we burn our own CD's for the DJ to put on?
A. Definitely. Just make sure they are securely packaged when placing them in your luggage.

Q. Can we download samples to hear their work?
A. Our dj's have an incredibly vast selection of cd's that it would be difficult for them to get you a list or demo cd. Usually couples send their planners a list two months prior of what they would like(general idea of music and some specific artists or songs) and the DJ will take a look and let us know what he can and can't get so you know what you should bring from home.

Q. Can we personalize the repertoire and possibly request some pieces we like ?
A. Of course! We only use highly qualified professional musicians ( our Music Department includes more than 450 all around Italy ) coming from different important backgrounds, famous orchestras and contests. Therefore they are very versatile and their repertoires are very wide. If the musician does not have your requested piece in their repertoire, they can arrange this and study this as long as it is requested a great deal of time in advance. They will give your ceremonies the most personal touch. A detail we like to add, is that a personalized repertoire comes with every musical package we provide, from the smallest to the biggest, as our musical “maestro” ( important orchestra director who collaborates with us ) arranges personalized repertoires according to your needs, to be more romantic, more dramatic, more intimate, more religious, etc. …as you request!

Q. What about the musicians' meals? How does it work in Italy?
A. It's a standard and common custom to pay for the musicians' meal: meal information and general policies are expressly specified and depend on to the type of music service booked.