J 19
Frank Sinatra Jazz Band

Afo Sartori (one of the leading jazz music critics and experts) says: the singer of this quartet, sweet, somewhat scratchy voice, the prototype of a jazz that conjoins culture and entertainment. He  began travelling across the world, playing on cruise ships (North America and the Caribbean), and then settled down in the States, where he worked for about ten years alongside indigent artists, performing in the best clubs. Today, he performs in various clubs and festivals across Italy, with a success that is correspondent to his smiling and contagious sympathy and his irresistible swing style. Formation: trio: quartet: piano, double bass, tenor/soprano sax or trumpet, vocalist & drums ; quintet: piano, double bass, tenor/soprano sax, trumpet, vocalist & drums septet: piano, double bass, tenor sax, soprano sax, trumpet, vocalist & drums

J 19<br>Frank Sinatra Jazz Band