J 18
Jazz Dixieland Group

This band, born recently by the iniziative of some musicians from central Italy, proposes a traditional American Dixieland repertoire of the beginning of the twentieth century recalling / commemorating the happy and colorful atmosphere of the famous "marching street parades" and of the performances in clubs and squares of New Orleans. In their performances the group performs original works and arrangements of that time, always in style, of famous Italian melodies and famous International pieces bringing forth the everlasting/undying Dixieland and swing melodies of old-time America ("When the Saints", "Hello Dolly", "St. Louis Blues", etc.). One of the specialties of the band is the use of the instruments of old New Orleans which are now largely out of use, such as the cornet, the banjo and the 'sousaphone', today/nowadays replaced by the trumpet, guitar and double bass respectively. The group plays "unplugged", that is, without amplifiers both in the "street parade" and in the concert, but they also have a small amplifier for larger spaces and for a better transmition of the performance.

J 18<br>Jazz Dixieland Group