F 4
Orchestra Volare

This band, is a collaboration of musicians and professional singers. The basic idea is to create a project live completely that cover more than 50 years of Italian songs, traditional tunes, soundtracks become famous throughout the world and that now represent a brand recognizable in every corner of the planet: the great Neapolitan tradition, Modugno, Mina, Celentano, but also the great music of Morricone, Trovajoli without excluding a few episodes on the most famous arias of Italian opera. The real news, which makes up the project, lies primarily in the deliberate intention of avoiding any form of forced modernization of the songs, reproducing the themes, melodies and songs by remaining faithful to the spirit and original arrangement of the authors. This is, far from being nostalgic and the performance is supported by the projection of audiovisual vintage film clips and photographic contributions; and so, in a magical combination, the music becomes a soundtrack and opens a window now on Dolce Vita, now on Neorealism cinema, on TV in black and white, on the customs of italian economic boom or the beat generation. A succession of images and sensations gives a tremendous evocative power that well explains why the Italian musical tradition and particularly, the repertoire chosen by this band,gives so much enthusiasm with the songs that are so popular all over the world.

F 4<br>Orchestra Volare