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Cuban Music Dance

The couple of dancers composed by Roberta  and Paolo comes from the common passion for  Caribbean rhythm, salsa, merengue, cha cha, mambo, rumba, afro – cuba. A passion that gives the two dancers the idea of founding the Dance Company : CUBALIA CARIBBEAN DANCE, a fusion and a personalization of the main styles of the Caribbean dance music.Afterward, thanks to their well – rounded dance and music training, Roberta and Paolo approach together to other dance genres, in particular the Argentine tango, forming the ENSEMBLE TANGO RUBIO with which they won the Teatro del Sale (in Florence) special prize as best artists of the year in 2008. Recently they founded the CONTRASTI DANCE COMPANY, an innovative dance project based on the eclecticism and versatility, not only of the two dancers and choreographers, but also of all the dancers that compose the company itself. They took part and they were the authors of some choreography of the show TANGOFLAMENCO with the great flamenco dancer Antonio Marquez. Currently Roberta and Paolo are dealing with various projects; with the ENSEMBLE TANGO RUBIO in the show named "NUEVA GENERATION TANGO". With CONTRASTI DANCE COMPANY in the musicals "MONTECRISTO" and "HAIR SPRAY" and the shows "CONTRASTI BALLA CONTRASTI" and “IN ROCK PROGESS – THE SHOW”.

W 3<br>Cuban Music Dance