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E 8 Entertainment-Background music Cod SV: 2267

E 8_Entertainment

Between the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth, this denomination indicated a musical groups with a reduced number of instrumentalists who performed a repertoire based on opera fantasias, operetta, and easy-listening and dance music. These musical formations were born in France, in the "Cafe'-Chantant", public locales (cafe' or restaurants) where clients were offered brief musical or artistic entertainment. The success of the Concert-Cafe' spread the world over and small orchestras were to be found everywhere, to amuse and entertain the public. In vogue cafe', pubs, hotels, cruise ships, bathing establishments and spa facilities, even in cinema theatres to provide a musical background for silent films. At a time when modern acoustic reproduction systems were as yet non-existent, these not only provided a form of entertainment but also served as a means of musical information propagation. The SALON-ORCHESTER music group is composed of professional musicians who have been operating in the sector of cultured music.They have added to their repertoire the transcription of sound tracks and recent Italian and foreign songs, without ever abandoning the style and spirit of the Concert-Cafe'.. Recent years we have seen an increasing interest toward this genre. Many Managers, in addition to Concert Associations, Public and Private Administrations and prestigious Institutions have understood the importance and precious touch that a Concert-Cafe' Orchestra can add to a gala event, a reception or a conference. No less pleasant is the appearance of a small Orchestra in a public garden, square or terrace, to provide moments of leisure, be it a concert performance or background music . Particularly exquisite during wedding banquets, ceremonies, inaugurations.  The basic formation of the SALON-ORCHESTER comprises: Piano, two Violins, Accordion, Cello or Double bass, Clarinet This formation may be reduced to four elements, or broadened up to Orchestra dimensions with approximately ten elements. Furthermore, a vocalist (soprano or tenor) may be included for the performance of particular events.

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