D 8
Simone Alinari Dj

This DJ each year offers its service for more than thirty nationalities, Italians and foreigners who live abroad and who choose our country to celebrate their marriage, organize a party or an event.The proposal contains many music genres, creating a custom Design Music through exclusive DJ Set. Weddings international/multi-ethnic, party, corporate events, fashion shows, clubs, club party theme, are the main business of this  DJ.The musical proposal is in accordance with your requests.For your marriage proposal contains music styles suited to the ceremony, the cocktails, the dinner (or lunch), up to an exciting party.The services offered include facilities Audio/lights to different set-up (for different music points) .Animation with games on demand. This DJ is one of the most important DJs for weddings in Italy  especially for the international market. Each year offers its service for events/corporate parties and weddings : Italian, American, British, Swiss, German Indian, Irish, Russian, Arabic, French, Israeli, Canadian, Chinese, Brazilians, Lebanese, Australian, Persian, Panamanians , Venezuelans, Portuguese, Japanese, Mexican, Turkish, Romanian, Albanian, South and Central America, Swedish, Norwegian and multiethnic, being present in the best prestigious locations in Italy.For each of these nationalities is proposed a playlist with particular attention and professional survey, derived from his knowledge of their language and customs and traditions music

D 8<br>Simone Alinari Dj