D 39
Band Umagroso

This BAND  born from the merger of two band active in the early 90s .The invitation in the  recording roon of the horn section of the first band for collaboration, gave birth to this new musical project .In 1993 the original line-up of eight elements started working on the songs of the legendary CHICAGO and Blood Sweet and Tears. In the years following the style of music was opened to other musical genres . The Funky entered so disruptive in the soul of the band thanks to the discovery an Agency that upset their way of making music. Then the work for the new repertoire with the entry of a new leader , represents perfectly the spirit and the energy transmitted from this genre. In 2000 the Agency have forced the group to travel thousands of kilometers to have their concerts all over Europe. In 2003, the group celebrated the tenth anniversary of his musical activities in a theater of Arezzo (Tuscany), inviting all those which, over the years, they had made an active part of the band. Memorable evening!!!Today the group consists of 11 elements offers different kinds of music, from funky to blues, dance to 70s/80s to the hits of today...........tries to adapt the music to the needs of the people for which  they performs without sacrificing their musical pleasure.

D 39<br>Band Umagroso