D 37
Le Cotiche

Color, energy, charge, warmth are just some of the words for describing this band, a group that was born in early '89 with the cult of dance music and funk. The band's music is the 70 'and 80' funky/dance style with a repertoire ranging from dance of Donna Summer and Diana Ross to funky James Brown and Earth Wind & Fire , through the very Italian Raffaella Carra and Donatella Rettore.........The elements that make up the band come from different roots as blues, rock, fusion, funk. The band  creates a sound cheerful and dynamic which makes their concerts explosives. What  distinguishes them is precisely the energy transmitted by the music they make, that does not stop only on stage, but drops and involves the entire audience . The success of their concerts is due to exuberance to the skill of the singers, supported by the choirs  and the sound of the whole band.This band is simply one of the best groups in Italy ! 

D 37<br>Le Cotiche