Wedding in Italy

D 34 Dance Cod SV: 2702

D 34_Dance, Funky, Rap, Rock'n roll, R&B

This great international band, existed since 2003. It is a result of the mix of cultures and talents whose variety is represented by talented performers from USA, South America, North Africa, Madagascar, Antilles, Israel, Italy and France.The multicultural richness of the performers results in authenticity which colours their interpretation of songs.Around the performers’ personal influences : Soul, Funk, Latin and Oriental, Their voices converge to create a unique musical spectacle. This is the beginning of their magic musical voyage to give you an exceptional and original experience.This ensemble of musicians that complement the group are not only very professional, but have passion for music and great enthusiasm.All their events are tailored to your requirements and desires. The choice of music, background and the creation of the right ambience are the essential ingredients to make you live an unforgettable moment that satisfy all your desires for an exceptional event.They make your event not only unique but make you live through the magic moments that they create for you.

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