D 30
Wedding Band

WEDDING BAND: Energy and passion are the  adjectives that best describe this band's vast repertoire: dance, pop, rock, international evergreen, funk, Italian pop, swing, International and Italian jazz, (with the help of a small percentage of pre-recorded songs).The complete band consists of: ground / male female  voice + voice + electric guitar / acoustic guitar / bass + choir / choir + drums to which you can add other elements, or you can have a reduced number of elements like a quartet, with some restrictions in the repertoire, and without the female voice ...Gianfilippo pianist and singer is the leader of the band, a highly regarded professional piano bar player, who has produced several albums and singles presented on the main radio and television broadcasts, with video clips often made by famous actors and directors, and with the collaboration of some of the best jazz Italian and international musicians like Stefano Bollani, Nico Gori, Nicola Vernuccio, and Sax Gordon Beadle. Lorenzo is considered one of the best Italian bassists and has toured internationally with Laura Pausini, Irene Grandi, Paolo Valais and many others. Bernardo is an estimated guitarist and singer with  a curriculum including hundreds of dates, sessions and collaborations  with international artists . He is also a guitar teacher at various schools in Tuscany. The drummer Alessandro is one of the most talented young players in Tuscany. His repertoire ranges from pop, to rock to jazz, always with great taste, precision and an excellent sense of rhythm.

D 30<br>Wedding Band