D 25
American Style Band

The band was founded and began working about 12 years ago, performing in all types of circumstances, from large concerts in squares to big night-clubs all over Italy and abroad (Germany, Switzerland, Principality of Monaco). Each year the band plays for the summer season at the historical and prestigious "La Canniccia" in Forte dei Marmi. The band can boast performance for in national television programmes (RAI 2, MEDIASET) as well as local channels. Eight years ago, they began collaborating with the international agency REGENCY (with offices in Tokyo, London and S. Marino), specialised in the organisation of events, conventions and international-level "VIP weddings and parties" organised across Italy and abroad. The band's repertoire is extremely varied and is performed strictly and exclusively live, ranging from commercial dance music (both current hits and music from the 70's, 80's and 90's), to soul, funky, swing, bossanova, classic jazz, R & B, to Italian hits (danceable and not), Latino music, South American music, and to the most well-known themes from film and musical soundtracks, in short, anything that can be part of a show and entertain. The performances are carried out exclusively based on the expectations of the audience; if the circumstances require it, during the evening elements of surprise may be intertwined with the performance, to keep the audience's attention and participation at it's peak, by means of gags, costume changes, dialogue with the public, and more. The group's performances are always characterised by a panoramic mix of musical genres, both for dancing and listening pleasure or solely by background music, both pleasant and warm, choosing the most elegant pieces from the repertoire. The vocalist, Fabio, in addition to being able to interpret (and imitate!) any singer and having mastered all musical genres, is incredibly charismatic and uses this gift to establish a tight bond with the audience; the fact that he is an excellent dancer is an added feature in his favour (his background includes important experiences mostly in modern dance and he has participated in professional flamenco workshops both in Italy and in Spain). The vocalist Deviana (from USA ) is the "star" of  this group with many experiences with artists such as : J. Cocker, Zucchero and mant others. The group is formed by 7 musicians: female vocalist male vocalist guitar keyboard bass percussion instruments drums

D 25<br>American Style Band