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Ronnie & The Midnight Ramblers

The band borned in October 2005 by the extraordinary passion of  the band's leader, for all American music of the fabulous 50's & 60's, blues, r'n'r, country, rhythm and blues, etc. The band plays on the music scenes, creating a large repertoire (in both electric and acoustic way without battery) , dynamic and engaging for the public. From Elvis Presley to Bo Didley, from Chuck Berry to Eddie Cochran, Jerry Lee Lewis to the Everly Brothers, Gene Vincent T-Bone Walker, from Buddy Holly to Carl Perkins and many others. The ingredients of the Ramblers are reliability, professionalism, humility, passion and love for the music of the past that still makes us happy and carefree ... More than two hours of rock'n'roll show they are able to project yourself in the fabulous  50's. You will not be disappointed! LONG LIVE ROCK'N'ROLL !!This is a band consisting of 4 performersi. But they can be flexible and express themselves in a trio (guitar/drums/bass), in acoustic trio (acoustic guitar/semi-acoustic guitar/bass) or a duo (acoustic guitar/semi-acoustic guitar). In any case the different formations guarantee, with the normal differences, quality and professionalism for each type of event. 

D 20<br>Ronnie & The Midnight Ramblers