D 10
Alex Baldi Allegri Dj

The specialty of this DJ, is to animate parties, dinners, events, where he will be happy to make people dance, with the famous "disco" and not ONLY(!!).But we do not call him only: "DJ", because with him you shall not expect the classic DJ too quiet and "bomber" or too "chatty" and invasive, what I do is tease, entice and leave it to the party to take off ... He does not have a favorite style, he likes the beautiful music and much rhythm, think of a space that becomes a place of pleasure, of joy, but also listening and communication, where fun is not an "obligation", but something natural and spontaneous, his best collaborator. ... are you!!! He is also  an entertainer during musical festivals, but also radio speaker and he really enjoy DJing (with digital DiJs set ), He likes to talk, take pictures and he takes care of 'music entertainment and everything you need for your party. His performances are made with beautiful music of all periods, full of spontaneity and animation .He performed in parties and events for about 20 years .

D 10<br>Alex Baldi Allegri Dj