Wedding in Italy

D 1 Rock Pop Soul Band Cod SV: 2780

D 1_Dance, Funky, Rap, Rock'n roll, R&B

This is an innovative group of musicians performing a wide variety of genres like classical and gospel for ceremonies, funk, soul, pop, rock, jazz, swing, dance.

This group boasts an impressive line up of musical groups:  classical (duo, trio, quartette, all the way to octettes), DJ sets, live bands who play all the popular kinds of party music like jazz, funk, pop, soul.

Their pièce de résistance is undoubtedly a gospel choir  who perform impeccable spirituals with dominant vocals and harmony on Christian lyrics.  One of the company’s four founders, directs the choir which is divided into sopranos, contraltos, tenors and bass, flanked by piano, bass and drums.

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PHONE from US: 011 378 941108 - from Europe: +378 941108