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Classic Guitar 2

He began studying guitar at age 14 at the Guitar Academy of Pontedera (PISA) . He has studied classical guitar and at the age of 18  also studied the electric guitar . Plays in various groups with different styles, including some groups of which he is the composer of pieces in rock style and then moved to cover groups of  Italian pop music. He currently plays in duet with violinist and they perform in various locations and famous theaters , in events, specializing for the music of authors such as Paganini, Piazzolla, music from movies. He also plays for the orchestra of the Academy of Guitar "Stefano Tamburini" in which he also holds the role of lead guitar. For the past four years he lectured on electric and classical guitar and he continues postgraduate studies in electric guitar , studying music ranging from rock to fusion.

C 25<br>Classic Guitar 2