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Russian Weddings in Florence

"Florence of the Russians", is an important historical page for the city written along the centuries by giving home to important characters such as Ciajkovskij, Dostoevskij and Tarkovski. Many Russian noblemen, artists, writers have always been fascinated by the historical sites of Florence and Tuscany as well as by its mild climate, the beauty of the landscapes and of the cities. They have selected it and preferred it for their holiday destination and journey.

One of the most important signs of the presence of Russians in Florence is undoubtedly given by the Orthodox Church. Its extraordinary yet uncommon shape,has enriched the beauty and the artistic value of the city, known as the "cradle of the Renaissance". Choosing Florence to celebrate a wedding is a marvelous idea and people of Orthodox belief, find in this specific Church the ideal place, as it is one of the most beautiful Orthodox Churches in western Europe.

Sumptuous and romantic symbolic ceremonies can be held in aristocratic Florentine palaces or in luxury private villas or hotels. These historical and smart buildings are of great artistic value. They are extremely finely furnished and enriched with the most precious details. Here you could plan to have a luxurious wedding reception as well as the accommodation during your stay in Tuscany.

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