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Italian Riviera Wedding
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Italian Riviera event highlights.

This beautiful area will attract one for many reasons, but there are extra events to be enjoyed during your stay on the Italian Riviera for the wedding or honeymoon.

Festival of Mediterranean Music
The Festival Musicale del Mediterraneo, in Genoa's Porto Antico, showcases the music and cultures of five continents.

International Ballet Festival
Genoa plays host to a month-long epic of ballet, featuring some of the best companies in the world. Performances are held at theatres across the city.

The Christ of the Abyss
60-feet down on the seabed off Genoa, stands an enormous bronze statue - Christ of the Abyss, protecting saint of divers. Once a year, the statue is the object of an unusual event, as divers, carrying torches, deposit a crown on the figure's head.

Boat trips
The footpaths are the "proper way" to get between the towns of the Italian Riviera, a trip by boat is a must. The villages of Cinque Terre are probably at their most picturesque from the sea.


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